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The Nice Guys (2016) - Opening Scene (Misty Mountains Death)

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The nice guys nude scenes

A woman jumps onto the roof of a car, walks down the windshield and shoots at the two men inside the car; the force of the shot pushes her off the hood of the car and she lies unconscious on the ground no one was struck and she is shown later with scratched knees. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. A young teen ogles a porn magazine and later a naked woman her breasts are very much on display. A man is shot as he backs into a hallway and another man is seen falling through a window in a high-rise building we do not see the result. A teen girl pulls a gun on a man who pulls a straight razor and threatens to kill her before throwing another teen girl through a plate glass window we see her shaken later; no blood is visible. A protestor tells a man, "We can't talk to you, we're dead. Extreme violence tinged with pitch-dark comedy. Quick clip of a porn movie shows a couple having sex, seen from the side. Children are frequently in peril. A teen girl throws a pitcher of cold coffee on a woman with a gun. The nice guys nude scenes

The nice guys nude scenes

The nice guys nude scenes

The nice guys nude scenes

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