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Natural beauty quotes no makeup

When you find that someone who accepts you for you, I hope that you would keep that person. I think when you have no makeup, you look the prettiest person you can be, no offense on it. Be thankful for the people who thinks you are pretty without any make up at all, my dear. You should really find yourself someone who would look at you like you are his world. No one else can tell me whom I should be, I should just be me and then strut it out there. The true beauty is having no makeup and still being confident in yourself, that is the truth. You see beauty in her when she does not even see it in herself, that is what love does to you. The best person you can become is yourself and I believe that you should matter the most. You should try your best to be the person you want to be and then you will shine right now. I look at you and I see so much potential so go ahead and just be yourself from now on too. Thank you for telling me I am still pretty with or without anything on this face that I have now. Natural beauty quotes no makeup

Natural beauty quotes no makeup

Natural beauty quotes no makeup

Natural beauty quotes no makeup

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  • Zukasa says:

    You shall find someone who makes you feel you are beautiful, believe in that person as well. My dear, even when you think you look like a mess, I think you still look your best, believe it. Find that man who will make you feel like a queen when you know you are just one big mess.

  • Kigazshura says:

    No makeup is not that bad, sometimes you just have to be honest to the world as well, okay? I wish you would find someone who would love you even when you have no makeup on you.

  • Akiran says:

    Sometimes, in the middle of this life, you will meet someone who will accept you wholly.

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