Oral sex among teens Oral Sex Leads to Intercourse Among Teens, Study Suggests

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Oral sex among teens

In the new study, Halpern-Felsher and Dr. Christopher Hurt, a clinical assistant professor in the division of infectious disease at the University of North Carolina who was not involved in the new report, commented to HealthDay. Over the course of the study, most teens first reported having intercourse within or after the same six-month period as their first oral sex experiences. The study is published online by the journal, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and it will also appear in the March print issue. About 4 in 10 never—married U. California researchers found that only 9 percent of high school students who started having oral sex at the end of ninth grade had abstained from vaginal sex through the end of 11th grade. There were no differences in the progression of sexual behaviors between boys and girls, or among Hispanic, Asian and white teens, report the researchers in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. Although the survey did not include results for oral sex, experts say it seems logical to assume that kids who have gone all the way probably have experimented with oral sex. Other adolescents however have oral sex and rapidly have their first intercourse experience shortly thereafter, they say. Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts. The teens filled out questionnaires every six months between the start of ninth grade and the end of 11th grade. The authors also cite research that suggests teens perceive oral sex to be safer with fewer health-related risks. Surveys show that as many as 60 percent of American youths don't consider engaging in oral sex as "having sex. The CDC's National Health Statistics Reports , published August 16 on its website, tracks sex trends among teens and young adults in an effort to help the government agency better understand current behaviors and design potential awareness interventions. The teens filled out questionnaires every six months between the start of ninth grade and the end of 11th grade. Oral sex among teens

Oral sex among teens

Oral sex among teens

Oral sex among teens

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    By age years, 85 percent of males had vaginal intercourse and 82 percent had any oral sex. But others say adults can and should declare their opposition to teen sex.

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    Non-Hispanic white females were most likely to report oral sex 69 percent than non-Hispanic black females 63 percent and Hispanic females 59 percent.

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