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Lego simpsons wiki

Maybe that isn't the case so much anymore, but there is still the capacity for top-notch television floating somewhere in The Simpsons universe. V Club ultimately awarded the episode an A- rating, the highest of the season. At the Comic Book Shop, Homer touches the box for another vision. Now the only question is what the producers will cook up for a th episode celebration Homer hates the movie but Marge likes it. Homer then enjoys his fantasy life. Homer likes this idea and his cartoon hands turn back to bricks. Production[ edit ] In an April , interview with TV Guide , executive producer Matt Selman spoke about how long it took to produce the episode, saying: Principal Skinner sentences Bart to rebuild the school, suppressing all creative attempts Bart makes at remodeling the building. But visually, "Brick Like Me" was a stunner, rebuilding Springfield in bright, brick-by-brick 3D, and that's what the episode will forever be known for. It will be considered a classic, yeah. Homer finds the box in the rubble and opens it, changing back to his normal cartoon self. In the rubble, Homer finds the box, opens it and changes back to his normal cartoon self, kisses Marge goodbye and jumps in the box. While that merchandise was still in the works, Wilfert pitched the idea of a Lego couch gag: Lego simpsons wiki

Lego simpsons wiki

Lego simpsons wiki

Lego simpsons wiki

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    Lisa plans to enter. However, Lisa instead decides to go see the new Survival Games movie a spoof of The Hunger Games with older girls, forcing Homer to enter the contest by himself.

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    On a show like The Simpsons, as long as it's been running and with so many jokes packed per animated cell, we forgive a lot of misfired jokes.

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