College move in day tips Tips to Make College Move-In Day a Breeze

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WHAT TO BRING TO COLLEGE (and what not to) - Packing for College!

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College move in day tips

And given the inevitable chaos, you might be better off sacrificing a few hours of sleep so you can arrive at your dorm building right when move-in starts. With this in mind, mess management is a must. Buildable cube shelving gives you sturdy flexibility and can be recycled for whatever space you find yourself living in next year. In many cases, you'll unload all your items, then stay with the goods while a parent goes to park the car. Make note of the specific date and time mentioned, the amount of time you have in a loading zone, the number of people that can accompany you and any other check in procedures. It is much easier to do so when there is nothing in there, so make sure it is exactly how you want it before unloading. Some schools let you loft your bed above your desk—an ingenious way to conserve space. Check out which stores are close to campus and order your dorm items ahead of time for easy pick-up. The fridge will need time to defrost before you put any groceries in, and the fan will help to cool the stale space off. Everyone is hot, tense and full of emotions. Students will need plenty of casual, comfortable clothing, workout clothes, and a nice outfit or two. Figure out when your residence hall opens, and plan on arriving close to that time. And you can shove a single cube at the bottom of your closet or on your desk for additional organization. College move in day tips

College move in day tips

College move in day tips

College move in day tips

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