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Watching other couples

We loved our first stay so much we decided to come right back. Your privacy is assured since cabin guests have exclusive use of the Big Rock property and trail system. Once the male has jumped onto the female's back, both facing the same direction, he will need to have enough room to fully flutter his wings to hover in place while holding onto the female's back feathers with his feet and claws, while maneuvering his tail around the side of the female's tail to position his cloaca vent underneath to contact with the female's cloaca. From the cozy atmosphere of the cabin to the tranquility of the outdoors. The view from Big Rock was amazing. Being up so high, listening to the birds and nature…. A successful mount and mating of the male will cost the recipient his senior position in the pecking order. It is a single opening used both for mating and defecation. I found it helpful to hold and pet him for several hours each day after his mate died. The use of air by the dove was most profound when one of my females frequently became egg bound and required human intervention to assist in expressing her egg. This process is truly a split second encounter as the male is only in contact for only a brief moment. Others are meant to be binged solo in a cold, dark room. Usually, the display does not last more than a day or two before they settle down to sharing a perch and eating together and begin to accept the company of the other. This routine is the stock standard: One exception I have witnessed, where a male would not accept a new female was due to her coloring which was identical to a dominant male known by the group. He may also peck, bite and chase the new, uninvited female guest, sometimes cackling maniacally in the process. Watching other couples

Watching other couples

Watching other couples

Watching other couples

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    Some highly submissive males, usually without a mate, will just crouch on the perch and tolerate the aggressive male's mount and mating as an unwilling participant.

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