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In other words, I was an intellectual. Work on the book simply taught me to understand the old, and to be more tolerant. A couple of generations feeling that they have to appear non-racist at all times, and the third generation will grow up non-racist in fact. Take the new abortion law proposed by Simone Veil. More importantly still, I tended to scorn the kind of woman who felt incapable, financially or spiritually, to show her independence from men. Feminists are, therefore, genuine leftists. Global Citizen campaigns to achieve the Global Goals, including goal No. Then, as the relationship between Sartre and me grew, I became convinced that I was irreplaceable in his life, and he in mine. And then it should be rooted in practice rather than in theory. Sartre and I were very lucky but also our backgrounds were very particular, very exceptional. Sex25




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    If we put it in class economic terms, you would understand it easily: They can only do this by speaking among themselves, telling each other things they would never dare in front of husbands, lovers, brothers, fathers, or any other masculine power. But in terms of the revolution, theirs as well as mine, can we win if we break up into totally separate groups?

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    Most of the women who became very active in the movement were much too young in , when the book came out, to be influenced by it.

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    He bullied her, beat her, and pressured her to have sex with strangers. When women turn out not to be such easy marks, the men become personally challenged, so to speak. Sartre and I were very lucky but also our backgrounds were very particular, very exceptional.

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