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Erotic mainstream films

In terms of storytelling, it has some peaks, such as Uma Thurman's little subplot about a betrayed wife, but also many lows. Uma Thurman , who plays June, was never more superb. Famous actors and actresses are sprinkled throughout the casts of these great films. Intimacy also deserved its spot on this list of movies that are almost pornographic because many of the sex scenes were real! An intriguing plot and an interesting portrayal of sadomasochism make Secretary a must watch for anyone interested in the subject. An international co-production by Lyne went on to direct films that would be hailed as classics, like Jacob's Ladder and the erotic thriller Fatal Attraction, proving that he could do much more than turn audiences on with steamy scenes shot around NY's sewers, a hot blonde masturbating to an Eurythmics tune, and honey dripping between a sexy pair of legs. She pays a sadistic man to hit her -without a safe word- picks up a random immigrant off a basketball court across the street from her house, and systematically neglects her child in favor of engaging in sexual acts. One star who comes to mind is Chloe Sevigny, who performs oral sex on her real-life boyfriend in his movie The Brown Bunny. The film tells an interesting story, it has very good actors, and everything works well, but for anyone expecting a story about a great love, perhaps it will be a disappointment. The film's cinematic beauty is as much of a turn-on as the erotic obsessions that fuel the psyche of its complex characters. Erotic mainstream films

Erotic mainstream films

Erotic mainstream films

Erotic mainstream films

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  • Zuzshura says:

    The characters are united not only by desire, but also by the power of words and their infinite power to excite the imagination. But Hollywood's enfant terrible went on and made us feel like scars beneath fishnets were sexy, especially if the legs belonged to Rosanna Arquette.

  • Taujinn says:

    The socially awkward Lee, who is given to self harm, finds validation for her conduct in an incipient BDSM relationship with her boss. That's more legit than HBO after hours softcore! One could say it is the opposite of adult entertainment, it is meant to make audiences feel uncomfortable, but it also features pleasurable love scenes and intriguing characters enjoying the delights of the flesh.

  • Jukree says:

    It's not always pleasant.

  • Meztigore says:

    Malkovich and his co-star Glenn Close created two of the most interesting villains in film history. Grey and Lee have started engaging in frequent BDSM acts, Spader's character asks, "We can't do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week," to which Lee replies, "Why not?

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